there is something stubborn and awkward about felt, that carries and facilities this dance. about it being the oldest textile in the world. and about the felt’s time being always now, like a teenage punk - it has no future and no past.

the woven fabric on the other hand knows time how we know it, it knows about the past, the present and the future. it knows about saving plans and photo books. unlike the felt it knows about anticipation, reminiscence and regret.

In THE FRATERNITY three women come together in an idle search of suspending time in which dance becomes a smokescreen for an experience that is more like the felt and less like the woven fabric. They offer a texture that one can rest upon a little, that comes with no expectations except for the time that is spent together.


Choreography: Emmilou Rößling

Performance: Rachell Bo Clark, Tarren Johnson & Emmilou Rößling

Technical Direction: Maika Knoblich

All Photo Credits: Daiva Tubutytė

THE FRATERNITY is supported by Berliner Senat and Kulturamt Frankfurt

Residency support: Kaaistudios Brussels, workspacebrussels, Tanzfabrik Berlin, DAS Amsterdam




22 July 2021: Lake Studios Berlin

26-28 February 2021: StudioNaxos FFM 
1 September 2020: Het Veem Amsterdam (Pre-Premiere)

22 +23 October 2020: Open Spaces Tanzfabrik Berlin (Premiere)