2nd December 2018 4-6pm at June Gallery Berlin curated by Marie-Christine Molitor



In 2018 Emmilou is starting a new project called MARMOR, a performative installation for three dancers which will be a continuation on her research of choreography as camouflage and is set to premier early 2019. 

A first solo sketch adaption of this project will be shown at Dirty Debüt on 16 May 2018 at Sophiensaele.

More Info here: http://www.sophiensaele.com/produktionen.php?IDstueck=1730&hl=de


CASCADE, version muséale and TALK.TALK will be shown in Palais de La Porte Dorée, 3-4 Feburary 2018. 

More Info here: http://www.histoire-immigration.fr/agenda/2018-01/l-envers-du-decor


For the occasion of CASCADE being shown at the Tanztage in Sophiensaele Tom Engels and Emmilou had a conversation on the piece Between being plant & being planned - you can read it here: https://www.emmilouroessling.com/cascade/


CASCADE review by Frank Schmid, Kulturradio 






„When all the lights in the empty theater are lit, a white sheet with the word ‚FIN’ comes down from above. The end! Applause! In this last image of an empty theater, in which lights are switched on only to emphasize the emptiness even more, there is something unbearably sentimental - but in the face of current political changes and terrifying cultural policy there is also a sinister element in it. I might be abusing my subjective perspective here however. After all, the last inventory is not a goodbye to the the building Olimpia - nobody is going to break or destroy it (for now). The stage is still working. Duncan, Krezel and Rößling perfectly show that each end gives a chance for a new beginning. I would like to add: and vice versa.“


Stanislaw Godlweski, Didaskalia Theatre Magazine, December 2017