Sometimes I would go up close to a painting so that I would see how the canvas shapes the paint that dried on it. It’s not always possible of course but I would still do it. Just to check.

FLUFF is a weave of passing movements and concrete material, looking for the in- between and not quite yet. An entanglement of intimate gestures that tie a dance together through slowness (but persistent). Forms appear and are emptied out again a bit like becoming one’s own sculpture park. FLUFF is constantly shifting and time is stretched out until it gets holes.


After ten days at ada Studio this is a first articulation of a new research. 


Premiere: 26 January 2019 at ada Studio in Uferstudios Berlin

Dates: 4 March 2019 Movement Research at the Judson Church



„When all the lights in the empty theater are lit, a white sheet with the word ‚FIN’ comes down from above. The end! Applause! In this last image of an empty theater, in which lights are switched on only to emphasize the emptiness even more, there is something unbearably sentimental - but in the face of current political changes and terrifying cultural policy there is also a sinister element in it. I might be abusing my subjective perspective here however. After all, the last inventory is not a goodbye to the the building Olimpia - nobody is going to break or destroy it (for now). The stage is still working. Duncan, Krezel and Rößling perfectly show that each end gives a chance for a new beginning. I would like to add: and vice versa.“


Stanislaw Godlweski, Didaskalia Theatre Magazine, December 2017