A friend told me that fluff is basically the touch and I very much like this idea, though it is a bit cheesy. It’s equally the material as well as the space in between, which makes it kind of hard to grasp both metaphorically as well as literally.


FLUFF somehow grew out of its title. fluff as something soft like the feathers of a bird or maybe some dust in a corner and also fluff as something trivial, superficial or failing. The piece continues my research into different strategies of choreography as camouflage through simple and intimate gestures, without spectacle or seeking to guide. Different textures and movements slowly slide into each other, allowing for an ambiguous dance that withdraws from representation and opens up to an arcane yet contemplative experience. fluff here is equally the material as well as the space in-between- forms appear and are emptied out again, like a sculpture park that one happens to pass by.

Choreography & Performance: Emmilou Rößling



Special Thanks to Gabi Beier and ada Studio Berlin.


video documentation: https://vimeo.com/314534029


Premiere: 26 January 2019 at ada Studio in Uferstudios Berlin

Dates: 4 March 2019 Movement Research at the Judson Church New York 

2+3 November 2019 StudioNaxos FFM

7+8 December 2019 Les Urbaines Festival Lausanne

28 January 2020 Bâtard Festival Beursschouwburg Brussels



„When all the lights in the empty theater are lit, a white sheet with the word ‚FIN’ comes down from above. The end! Applause! In this last image of an empty theater, in which lights are switched on only to emphasize the emptiness even more, there is something unbearably sentimental - but in the face of current political changes and terrifying cultural policy there is also a sinister element in it. I might be abusing my subjective perspective here however. After all, the last inventory is not a goodbye to the the building Olimpia - nobody is going to break or destroy it (for now). The stage is still working. Duncan, Krezel and Rößling perfectly show that each end gives a chance for a new beginning. I would like to add: and vice versa.“


Stanislaw Godlweski, Didaskalia Theatre Magazine, December 2017